Dr. rer. nat. Paul A. Boley

Kourovka Astronomical Observatory
Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Ural Federal University
pr. Lenina, 51
Ekaterinburg 620083
Tel: +7-953-051-9036

Those working with optical interferometry may find an OIFITS Python module I wrote useful. If you want to give me money, offer me a job, or stalk me then my CV might interest you. Also for those people I provide my PhD dissertation (High-resolution studies of massive young stellar objects, University of Heidelberg, 2013) and Master's dissertation (Spectral investigations of star-forming region S 235 A-B at optical wavelengths, Ural State University, 2009; abstract in English).

Besides all that I'm always looking for people to climb or make music with. I've seen some small (but not insignificant) part of the world, much of which I've documented in pictures; I'm constantly on the lookout for new places and opportunities and have a general policy of doing everything before the big one hits.

Latest first-author publications

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Updated September 21st, 2016.

        pub   1024D/5E432C41 2009-08-15  Paul Boley <pboley@urfu.ru>
        Fingerprint: 1B2E B8C5 30B4 0F4E 1A71  9A5F 7026 9338 5E43 2C41